Un'immagine dell'edizione 2015 di Campania Stories

ENGLISH VERSION – Campania Stories: introduction to Campania wines for italian and foreign journalists

Un'immagine dell'edizione 2015 di Campania Stories

Campania Stories 2015

This is a new appointment for acknowledging Campania wines: as per every year, latest vintages’ wines from main appellation areas are showed and tasted in 2016 Campania Stories.

From March 29th to April 4th 2016 the most influential wine journalists from Italy and abroad are taking part in Campania to the event arranged and promoted by Miriade & Partners srl, in cooperation with attending wineries. This is a unique occasion for tasting hundreds of wines, attending focused workshops, visiting wineries and meeting producers, as well as visiting all five Campania provinces. As usual, the event ends in April 4th with the so-called Campania Stories Day, a walk-around tasting for sommeliers, restaurant managers and buyers only.

The tasting of reds and whites is held in a unique location, in Benevento at UNA Hotel “Il Molino”: this choice has been due to the feeling of empathy and nearness to people who, last October, experienced the dramatic floods, that unbelievably damaged local agriculture, but did not shred pride and strength of local people.

A sole location is even better for logistics and transfers, while every day journalists may visit wineries in each province of Campania, in order to support exchanges and contact between producers and press.

This 2016 edition is even enriched by focused seminars for buyers, tutorial for press and meetings with winemakers; all this comes to an end with Campania Stories Day, scheduled on Monday April 4th 2016, for sommeliers, restaurant managers and buyers only.

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